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Most people perform an unclaimed property search using just their own name and search only in the state where they live. In reality, your unclaimed property search should dive much deeper.

Your missing money search should include your parents and both sets of grandparents. If they passed away, you are their rightful heir to any unclaimed money and unclaimed property which is in their name.

However, even if they are still living, wouldn't it be nice to find missing money for your loved ones as well?

Not only do you need to search their names, you should search for missing money under maiden names, located in states where your parents and grandparents were born, lived and died.

Plus, searching on your states unclaimed website or their office of unclaimed funds is just a small tip of the iceberg. There are many types of unclaimed funds and property that are not turned over to the states office of unclaimed funds, but instead are held by various institutions from where they originated.

For example, there are unclaimed retirement accounts, bank accounts, refunds from credit union failures, bankruptcy cases with unclaimed money, FDIC unclaimed money, VA life insurance funds, unclaimed child support payments, HUD refunds and FHA refunds, IRS tax refunds, bonds, uncashed checks, 401K accounts, unclaimed stock dividends and other abandoned property.

Think about it... Are you 100% positive that when Grandpa Jack lived in Iowa, he didn't buy a little stock in a new company named Shell or Microsoft? It is incredibly shocking the amount and type of unclaimed property that is just laying around.

You may have even received a letter before from someone claiming you have unclaimed money out there and you likely threw away the letter, not believing it could be true. You can bet it likely IS true you have something out there if you received a letter. Maybe you thought it was a scam.

Of course your definition of scam could be in question. If you have unclaimed property out there, it is public record and anyone can look it up. If a company finds huge amounts for someone, they will contact them offering up the information for a fee or percentage.

If you consider that a scam, you would be incorrect. Without them contacting you, it's likely you would never know about that unclaimed money. Shouldn't that asset locator deserve to be paid for the service of finding you and helping you make your claim?

Unclaimed Money Announcements & News

On June 3, 2015, we mailed out notifications of unclaimed bankruptcy money for some people involved in a bankruptcy case in the state of Florida. Below you will find an explanation about how money becomes unclaimed in bankruptcy cases...

Also, just as an example, here is the official bankruptcy unclaimed money website for just one bankruptcy district (there are over 80 of them)

This one is Northern Ohio

How does this happen? Why is there unclaimed money from Bankruptcy Cases?
Unclaimed funds from Bankruptcy are monies paid by debtors to the trustee. For different reasons, the money becomes unclaimed and is turned over by the bankruptcy trustee to the Bankruptcy Clerk, who then is the custodian of those funds until the person entitled to those funds files an application to pay the unclaimed funds to them.

In bankruptcy cases that have assets, the trustee or the estate in Chapter 11 cases pays out money he collects from the debtor to creditors who have filed claims in a particular case. Sometimes, the money paid out by a trustee, always issued as a check, is returned by the post office as undeliverable or the check is not cashed within 90 days. By law, the trustee is required to deposit those funds to the court as unclaimed. Also, in some cases the trustee pays monies as unclaimed funds to the court where the funds are due the debtor, such as in a dismissed case. In either example, the claimant or debtor did not receive the check and it was returned to the trustee as undeliverable typically because they had moved and did not report their change of address to the court and the trustee.

Whether you were the debtor or creditor in a bankruptcy case, you may have unclaimed money being held by the bankruptcy court where the case was filed. This type of unclaimed property also will never be turned over to the state, you so you have to research other places online.

The reason a creditor may have unclaimed money is mostly because checks from the trustee were returned as undeliverable and by law, the trustee has to stop payment on those checks.

The reasons a debtor may have unclaimed funds are either because the case was dismissed or voided (not discharged) or the liquidation of assets (Chapter 7) provided more money than needed to pay off the debts.