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Most people perform an unclaimed property search using just their own name and search only in the state where they live. In reality, your unclaimed property search should dive much deeper.


Your missing money search should include your parents and both sets of grandparents. If they passed away, you are their rightful heir to any unclaimed money and unclaimed property which is in their name.


However, even if they are still living, wouldn’t it be nice to find missing money for your loved ones as well?


Not only do you need to search their names, you should search for missing money under maiden names, located in states where your parents and grandparents were born, lived and died.


Searching on your states unclaimed website or their office of unclaimed funds is just a small tip of the iceberg. There are many types of unclaimed funds and property that are not turned over to the states office of unclaimed funds, but instead are held by various institutions from where they originated.


For example, there are unclaimed retirement accounts, bank accounts, refunds from credit union failures, bankruptcy cases with unclaimed money, FDIC unclaimed money, VA life insurance funds, unclaimed child support payments, HUD refunds and FHA refunds, IRS tax refunds, bonds, uncashed checks, 401K accounts, unclaimed stock dividends and other abandoned property.

Shocking type of unclaimed money most people are not aware of and counties do not want you to  know!

This may have happened to a relative who is unaware, or now deceased and YOU can claim it.

Think about this.. Are you 100% positive that when Grandpa Jack lived in Iowa, he didn’t buy a little stock in a new company named Shell or Microsoft? It is incredibly shocking the amount and type of unclaimed property that is just laying around.